Your Advanced Care Team

To give you the very best care, Zack Hall, MD PLLC employees a group of professionals to collaborate and help make your health experience unique and specific to your needs. These professionals are called your Advanced Care Team. These professionals work together as a team, using their specialized abilities and knowledge, to be here for you when you need them when you are sick and to promote your optimal wellness through education and personalized support.

An Advanced Care Team makes it possible for the practice to provide complete, individualized care plans and be available to each patient whenever care is needed. Please take a look at our team member profiles so that you can learn what the Advance Care Team can do for you!


Dr. Zack Hall - Physician/Owner

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Primary Care Provider offering primary care and disease management.

Hours: Monday - Friday 8-5, lunch 1-2

Courtney Keatts, AGNP - Nurse Practitioner

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Primary Care Provider offering services in primary care, chronic disease management, gerontology, health coaching and sick visits.

Monday-Wednesday and Friday 8-5, lunch 1-2

Kyra McClanahan, DNP- Nurse PRactioner


Primary Care Provider offering services in primary care, chronic disease management, women’s health,  health coaching, and sick visits.

Hours: Monday, Wednesday - Friday 8-5, lunch 1-2. 

Takela Anderson FNP- Nurse Practitioner

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Primary Care Provider offering Services in primary care, chronic disease management, women’s health, health coaching, and sick visits

Hours: Monday and Thursday 9-5, lunch 1-2, Saturdays 8-12 by appointment only.

Nathan Kennedy - Clinical Pharmacist


Clinical Pharmacist focusing on appropriate medication, education and collaborating drug therapy management with our clinical team.

Hours: Monday - Friday 8-5, Lunch from 1-2.