+ How do I contact my provider when the office is closed?

Zack Hall, MD PLLC offers direct provider communication after hours through Text and [Patient Portal][1]. Our providers will be able to review your message, and send a response or contact you by phone. You can expect a response within 4-6 hours of your request if received before 11:00PM. This service connects you directly to your health care provider and does not serve as a nurse or triage line: by using this service you can ask you provider questions about your care, but the provider will not be able to make or cancel appointments or provide you with refills of your medications. The provider will not be able to examine you, but will be able to give you important advice and directions. This service is integrated into our medical record system and is provided to you free of charge.

+ What is a patient centered medical home?

Zack Hall MD PLLC is a nationally recognized Level 2 Patient-Centered Medical-Home certified bye the NCQA. As your medical home we will serve as a “home-base” where all of your important health information is stored and coordinated with everyone you choose to be involved with your care.

Accessible Care: Your medical home is available when you need us. This practice offers same-day and walk-in appointments. We also are available by text and through our integrated patient portal to add another way for you to communicate your questions and concerns.

Team Care Approach: Zack Hall, MD PLLC operates as a team of individuals who work together to use their skills to contribute to your care plan. Each staff member and provider are in constant communication concerning your needs!

Patient-Centered: Your care and treatment is focused on your individual needs and preferences. All decisions made in regards to your health take in to consideration your personal history, your family situation, and cultural needs. You are actively involved in treatment plans, and are encouraged to take ownership of your health through use of education materials, patient portal and community resources.

Care Coordination: Zack Hall, MD PLLC serves as a "home base" for all of your health care needs. This means that the care-team manages and coordinates your care with other providers and facilities that may need to be involved. This includes referrals for diagnostic services and specialty providers. By serving as a care coordinator, your medical home ensures that all of your health care providers are on the same page.

Quality: As your medical home we are committed to quality and safety. The providers practice only evidence-based medicine and participate in education activities to make sure they are up to date on the best ways to deliver care. We measure our ability to serve our patients through surveys and health outcome reports and use this information to improve our services.